ACROBiosystems brings high affinity anti-BCMA antibodies, attending Fifteenth Annual PEGS Boston 2019

Boston, MA – [April 8th, 2019] – ACROBiosystems, a leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins and critical reagents to the biopharma industry, today announced at the PEGS – Protein Engineering Summit the successful completion of isolation and characterization of a large panel of anti-human BCMA antibodies for the purpose of treating multiple myeloma cancer. This project is based on ACROBiosystems’ X-lab collaboration program, a hub to bridge potential collaborators in biologic drug research and development. This success enables the start of in vivo studies of several promising antibody candidates leading to filing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application. The large number of leads were discovered using the AbTheneumTM system developed by Single Cell Technology, Inc.

“The discovery of such outstanding set of leads and the completion of a functional study on these antibodies is a key milestone, as well as it shows how we can help our customers to accelerate drug development process,” said Mike Chen, CEO. “Single Cell Technology’s novel approach of antibody discovery allows us to address many types of oncological conditions. We are excited to be advancing novel antibodies towards preclinical studies as part of our effort to build a platform to offer in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities in biologic drug development. We appreciate the opportunity of working deeply with collaborators and bring the success to interested partners in the biopharma industry through ACROBiosystems’ broad channel.”

“We started the campaign in late 2018 with the superior proteins provided by ACROBiosystems,” said Dr. Chun-Nan Chen, CEO, Single Cell Technology, Inc. “The combination of ACROBiosystems protein portfolio and innovative solution and support has allowed our rapid discovery process to find hundreds of active BCMA drug leads.”

In preparation for the next stages a patent application was filed with the USPTO securing the complete sequences of the discovered leads. All the promising antibody candidates will be available for licensing by interested pharmaceutical companies. Resources permitting, some of these candidates will be made IND ready to facilitate expedited filing for a licensee.

ACROBiosystems will be exhibiting at booth 521 in the PEGS –Protein Engineering Summit in Boston April 8-12, 2019.

About ACROBiosystems
ACROBiosystems is an internationally recognized manufacturer of recombinant proteins committed to providing excellence and accelerating the process of target therapeutic development. ACROBiosystems specializes in mammalian cell-based recombinant protein production and design of critical reagents for early and late stages of drug development. Our goal is to support professionals from pharmaceutical companies, CROs and research institutes who are working on the immunotherapy area by providing high-quality proteins, assay kits and technical resources. ACROBiosystems’ Innovation Lab in Newark, Delaware, offers service capabilities that complement the existing portfolio of over 1,400 recombinant proteins. The development of the X-lab program offers a platform to enable anyone who has technologies and products to collaborate with each other in drug development and commercialization. (

About Single Cell Technology, Inc.
Single Cell Technology (SCT) is a biotechnology company in San Jose, CA that has developed a new and revolutionary approach to antibody discovery. Their AbTheneumTM engine can analyze the kinetics and sequence the mRNA from individual antibody secreting cells. Antibodies are rapidly screened against multiple molecules to measure their affinity and specificity, and mRNA from the cognate light and heavy chains are sequenced by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and correctly paired. SCT integrates advances in multiple disciplines, such as microscale fabrication, molecular biology, precision mechanical engineering, image processing, NGS, and bioinformatics. SCT’s approach substantially decreases the time and investment needed to discover high quality antibodies. (

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