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We’ve come to AET for the last 4 years to share with attendees how our technology works and the data output. This year, we’ve come to share some of the interesting problems that our technology solves. Our AbTheneum™ discovery process has been put to the test and different targets demand different assays.

Check out our screening capabilities below, including case studies!

Screening Capabilities with AbTheneum™

SimulScreen™ Assays
Screen antibodies for affinity, cross-reactivity, specificity, and blocking activity. Combine several SimulScreen assays for truly dynamic data.

SurfScreen™ Assays
New assay capabilities introduced at AET 2020 this year includes screening for cell-binding activity for membrane targets. Coming soon is a customized functional assay to find rare functional hits in the discovery process.

Sequencing & Informatics
As always with AbTheneum™, never throw away any data. AbTheneum™ sequences all the antibodies simultaneously and pairs the assay data from SimulScreen™ and SurfScreen™ with the native full-length sequences.

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SimulScreen™ Blocking Assay - SARS-CoV-2 Case Study

In this poster presentation, SCT's COO Allison Schulkins presents SCT's work on a novel blocking assay as part of SimulScreen™ assays. This case study on SARS-CoV-2 grouped results into non-blocking and blocking antibodies in the primary screen by using a recombinant ACE2 screen to distinguish antibodies with overlapping epitopes with the Spike protein receptor.

Over 1500 RBD-specific antibody sequences were recovered. Of those antigen-binding antibodies, 435 were identified as potential blockers. 17 antibodies were reconstructed to validate the assay using a pseudovirus assay. The pseudovirus assay showed 86% of blocking antibodies had neutralization activity. Two non-blocking assays were also reconstructed and showed low or no neutralization activity in the pseudovirus assay.

Our novel blocking assay showed a high correlation with blocking activity from SCT's novel blocking assay and neutralization of the virus using the pseudovirus.

View the presentation here:

SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Discovered Fast: A Novel Upfront Blocking Assay to Speed to the Finish from Allison Schulkins on Vimeo.

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AbTheneum™ Lead Selection - TIGIT Case Study

In this case study, we demonstrate how we filter 456 anti-TIGIT antibodies down to 5 functional leads by maximizing sequence diversity across several sequence families. This demonstrates the powerful output from AbTheneum™ and the importance of early functional testing. Using this workflow, SCT took 3 months to take lymphocytes from immunized animals to functional leads.

Download TIGIT flyer

AbTheneum™ Lead Selection - TIM3 Case Study

We discovered 195 unique sequences of antibodies that bind to TIM3. In this case study, we selected the most diverse set of antibodies across several related families for reconstruction. In a cell-based functional bioassay, 3 SCT antibodies perform as well as clinical candidates. Using this workflow, SCT took 3 months to take lymphocytes from immunized animals to functional leads.

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