SCT to present validated antibody leads against BCMA in a sponsored webinar

Single Cell Technology is sponsoring a webinar hosted by Cambridge Healthtech Institute as a part of their sponsored webinar series. The webinar, titled, “AbTheneum Discovers Rare Hits and Delivers Antibody Metadata: Anti-BCMA Antibody Case Study,” will be presenting a number of antibody candidates discovered using SCT’s discovery platform.

SCT to present data at PEGS Boston 2018

Single Cell Technology is to present a poster at PEGS Boston 2018 in Boston, MA, April 30-May 4, 2018. Allison Schulkins will be presenting a poster titled “A candidate triage roadmap: upfront affinity and cross-reactivity data dovetailed with sequence diversity and computational modeling reduce reconstruction workload.”
“This poster really highlights the data output from AbTheneum, which many people are not familiar with seeing so much antibody data all in one place…

Single Cell Technology to present at Biotech showcase

Single Cell Technology, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on discovering and optimizing therapeutic antibodies from diverse and unusual hosts, today announced that Jim Bowlby, Chief Operations Officer, will present at the Biotech Showcase 2013,…